Letters to Esther

Letters to Esther is a collection of letters written to Esther Munro of Geneva, Indiana. The letters span from 1900 to the 1960s, with the bulk of them coming from the 1920s.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

November 7, 1919, From Mamma

Home. Nov. 7--'19

Dear Esther--

I have just finished reading Clark's letter to you, guess I spoil him by telling him I will write too. It is just 10-10 A.M. Have just finished washing dishes, and separator and filling reservoir and made two pies. But that is only a prelude to what should be done. I can't find a decent pen or ink or pencil. But may be you can read it.

Ruth was highly pleased and surprised with both letter and beads. I had just made the remark the day of her birthday that I had an idea you would forget all about it. I sent, by Clark, for a white comb & brush like yours. But he said the brushes were $3.50 so didn't get any.

While I think of it I want to tell you to get one of those bags (canvas I believe you said) to send your clothes home in. I believe you had better do it.

Clark got a letter from Wm. Reffe. He said he gets to attend school a part of the time. Takes Eng. & Arith. His writing is much better than Clark's also his spelling.

Is there danger of either your school buildings or Mrs. Carter's getting short on coal?

I think you are improving a great deal on your letter writing. They do not sound so much like "news items" as they used to.

Think I'll get a dress (green) for Ruth, if I can ever get it made. She needs one badly.

Warren went to school yesterday, stayed all day. This morning he cried to go back with them.

Two beet tenders have come. They are Mexicans. But the weather is not fit for them to work in.

I am so glad you keep so well. How is Luella?

Are you coming home Thanksgiving? I would arrange my work a little different if I knew. Do just as you think best. Of course we would be glad to see you; but I didn't know if you would have much time to spend at home. Am writing this in too much of a rush. Have not gone to Ft. Wayne yet. Your letters sound as tho' you were enjoying every min. tho' you are so busy.

Must go to work. Made Lloyd a waist this week.

Much love from


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