Letters to Esther

Letters to Esther is a collection of letters written to Esther Munro of Geneva, Indiana. The letters span from 1900 to the 1960s, with the bulk of them coming from the 1920s.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

November 8, 1919, From Richard

148 Sheety Street
W. Lafayette, Ind.
November 8, 1919

Dear Esther,

I might possibly have written to you Friday evening; but I concluded that you would still be bothered with tests and such things and consequently not care for my letter at that time. I'm not usually a pessimist, but the situation looks too blue for me, and in addition I am unable to solve it. Anyway I'm glad that I do not cause you any additional worries. At least I hope I do not, and you ought not permit if I do. Please tell me how to not bother you with any troublesome perplexities. if you realize that I do you more harm than good, then it will be very interesting to relieve the situation.

I certainly have enjoyed "that box of paper", and since you have some real I.U. stationery you have complimented me by writing to me first. I believe you told me once that the paper was not so important to consider as was the contents of the writing. I agree with you there; for much more can be done by words.

So you had company going back to your house last Sunday. Katheryn mentioned something (in a small P.S.) about House and Glentyre going back House surely does amuse me; but the other fellow is rather selfcontrolled and well poised, in attitude and general bearing. It is something I like to see, and wish to learn for myself. You must not think wrong about my sisters. I saw them trying to spy me; but you were the only one who succeeded. I love them, and apparently they are interested in me to what they think a very important degree.

No wonder you and Katheryn broke two flasks in Chemistry. Ha, ha! I wish you better luck, from now on. Really you ought to have a champion like Mr. House (Chemist of note) to assist you in laboratory. But once you get well started everything will go better, I'm sure.

Purdue lost to Ohio State today, 20-0. Our lucky star must have been a comet, Ha. I went over to the city this evening to see a "movie" called "Beauty-Proof". Of course he wasn't. Ha. And at this time I'm feeling the sand man treading heavily upon me, so Goodnight. Wishing you the best success in life.



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