Letters to Esther

Letters to Esther is a collection of letters written to Esther Munro of Geneva, Indiana. The letters span from 1900 to the 1960s, with the bulk of them coming from the 1920s.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

November 12, 1919, From Mamma

Geneva, Nov. 12--'19
Wed. A.M.

Dear Esther--

Here I am stealing more time to write to you. Well, yesterday was a nice day for a change and every one appreciated it I believe too. Today is nice so far, tho' the wind is beginning to raise. I speak about the weather, not to fill up space, but because it means a good deal to us now. With over $1000 wort of beets to be hauled to market, also many of them yet to be lifted and topped, the weather counts for a good deal. Right now, papa is "yanking" them out & I know it is hard work for him. Warren told me a while ago not to say "yank", he don't like the sound of that word & I think he is about right. He said "lifted" sounded better. But when I watched papa struggling with those great big beets, and so far it has been muddy work & I think "yank" is about right.

I suppose by now, you have received that scarf. I hope you like it. But in case you do not like the lining it would not be hard to change. I did it mostly by hand, for I knew if one ever stitched through that nap they never could rip it out. I stitched the outer lining then sewed it on by hand. I put an inter lining of black satteen. I don't know if you objected to that or not, but let me tell you it is warm. And I didn't know how to fix any fastioners, as the piece came cut & there was no scraps left. Now, if you are not pleased with the lining, I want to know. The pockets lose things out easily. But you can ack them at the corners I believe so it will help, but don't ever carry your pocket book in them, it will make the lining sag & not be safe either. It cost all told $7.25 + 1.69 + .30 + 10 = $9.34. But I think you will make lots of use of it now & in the spring. I think it will be fine to keep the hands warm.

Yes, I think it alright for you not to come home Thanksgiving. Papa said to tell you to come, we can afford it. But I told him it was not a case of money but it would not be worth your while is my candid opinion, and would lose a good deal of sleep. You would go back with $10. gone, sleepy and not much time spent at home after all.

I could not very well send you that molasses taffy that Ruth & I worked so hard to make. It (after it stood a while) turned so soft & has almost gone back to molasses. So I just grabbed up a few pieces that was in the house.

Clark's basket ball team have a "date" with Bluffton of which he is very proud. Bluffton has played three games this year & have not been beaten and our boys have played 5 games & have not been beaten.

A catalogue for "Just Christmas" presents came from Providence, R.I. yesterday. It has several cute things in it that I believe you might approve of. I'll look through it again tonight and will mark L. for Luella & R for Richard & you can then do as you please. I will merely mark them by way of suggestions.

Clark said he had forgotten all about the coat hanger rods.

The weather was so awful Mon. when I washed that I hung your clothes up in the house to dry. In the morning they were thoroughly dry but I wanted your gown to smell sweeter so I rinsed it again & put it out doors with the rest of my clothes Tues. A.M. when it, with Brazierre & cover-cover, dried nicely, so they will smell fresh.

Mrs. Whitsel had company all day yesterday. Warren said it was Jim Miller's wife.

At table we sit like this


We have not had any bad storms since you left, anyhow Ruth seems to sleep O.K. alone. We have the Sharples' separator. Ruth & Clark, with Josephine & Elizabeth went with Leymans' (Martine, Leona & Justine) to Berne last night to hear a great lecturer. I'm sorry but I can't recall his name. He has lectured for 60 ys. so quite old. Ruth will tell you all about it.

Papa will send you some more money soon. Am glad of your good grade in Chemistry. Will send what I can of Thanksgiving dinner. Let us hear if you rec'd scarf safely.


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