Letters to Esther

Letters to Esther is a collection of letters written to Esther Munro of Geneva, Indiana. The letters span from 1900 to the 1960s, with the bulk of them coming from the 1920s.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

November 27, 1919, From Richard

Purdue University
Thanksgiving Day, 9:00

Dear Esther,

You ought to be very happy now, considering all the things you have to be thankful for; thanksgiving dinner at home, lots to eat, a good time before you, and a "very agreeable day", a prospect of returning to school soon again, etc. I wanted to get to go home myself, but the Purdue students petitioned, several years ago, to add the two days now, to the Christmas vacation. Consequently we young sports have to remain "satisfied".

I took a chance upon you going to leave I.U. so I sent you a little parcel of sweets to Geneva. Of course I'll guess that it did not arrive on time. You can recall what you did last year and what I did. Ha, ha! The weather conditions are the same, almost, today; but I wonder how about the rest. It's your turn to play rough, and I promise to submit meekly to anything that might concern me. See? Since it's so hard to make a letter understandable and not be too precisely acute, I'll not express myself in this one any more than usual.

I guess Katheryn got my word in sufficient time to relay my short dispatch, and to decide to come up here. Anyway she is here and we are sure of a fine time if we wish. Very few of the students left town, so things are quite natural in regard to entertainments and crowds. Say, Katheryn is greatly impressed by our city and college! It's a wonderful place full of good, live people. She especially noticed the good looking young men, and at that a remarkably large no. of fair dames.

We had a very interesting affair here yesterday when a Red labor speaker was billed to make a speech here last night. The American Legion took immediate steps to stop him, and did too. They arrested him as soon as he arrived and then gave him his papers of exit. The Purdue students were "up in the air" too and many went over to the meeting last evening. This is no town for unloyal citizens, or students either.

Well I hope you have enjoyed your visit so far. Of course you have. Best wishes.

Yours sincerely


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