Letters to Esther

Letters to Esther is a collection of letters written to Esther Munro of Geneva, Indiana. The letters span from 1900 to the 1960s, with the bulk of them coming from the 1920s.

Friday, March 31, 2006

**EDITORIAL NOTE: What's New**

First, I've finalized the basic design of the new sub-domain and have transferred all the files from here to there. I’ve also finally gotten around to setting up a separate blog on the Esther sub-domain, for the purpose of announcing new file uploads, new genealogical information, etc. I figured this would be an easier way to handle updates than the clumsy, old fashioned way of tagging files as “New.”

My intention is to use the blog to post when I've updated a section. I'll include both the name of the section and the URL for each file. That way, you can look at the files in context, if you want, or you can go directly to them.

All new letters will be posted to the new website (http://esther.cat-sidh.net). Updates will be announced on the new blog (http://esther.cat-sidh.net/blog). I'll leave this blog here as a re-direct, but I won't be updating it with new letters.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Letters to Esther project, there is an explanation in the Pages section of the new blog, at the top of the sidebar. The short answer is that it is a collection of letters from the early 1900s, written to Esther Munro Cooper of Geneva, Indiana. I’m slowly transcribing them and placing the transcripts and scans of the letters on-line.